Card Personalization Now Making Government ID Cards safer With Better Visual Security

It is estimated that quite 90 percent of photo ID card inspections are undertaken visually and within the field. Visual inspections are often the primary and first sort of document investigation and validation. Any decisions to use secondary inspection criteria are often supported by the result of the visual inspection. For this reason, good badge design and therefore the selection of the proper custom ID card printing solution is so important. These components are crucial in creating visually secure credentials that incorporate elements that will be scrutinized and validated during the initial inspection.

The speed, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and ease of visual inspections have made them particularly popular in government applications including national ID cards, permit and enforcement documents, and federal ID credentials. These cards, documents, and credentials must be authentic and genuine, therefore the importance of getting a well-designed visual security solution can’t be overstated.

Typical visual security measures include holographic overlaminates and card pre-printing. Holographic overlaminates may include numerous overt, covert, and forensic features, while pre-printing options range from holograms and various sorts of security printing to special inks, relief structures, laser images, optical variable ink (OVI), hidden features, and randomized UV markings. There are dozens of visual security combinations which will be considered and HID Global and its partners are available to assist customers to make the proper choices for his or her requirements.

It is important to notice that most of the visual security solutions that are offered today are one-size-fits-all, meaning they’re precisely the same on every single document. While this is often still an effective solution, a further level of defines is often applied by utilizing card printing features including personalizing IDs with on-card visual security options. The ID designs can now play a task within the first line defines against counterfeiting by taking visual security measures and customizing them to every unique cardholder or user.

HID Global delivers this capability to its customers with its One-2-One™ custom card printing offerings, which make visual security solutions unique to every individual and their credential. These One-2-One solutions are often created on the company’s vanGO® cards which are stamped with a singular and specialized foil developed by HID Global. additionally, numerous One-2-One visual security elements are often placed onto the cardboard s’ foil including an image of the cardholder, a singular number, or maybe a mixture of things, like a singular ID plus the organization’s logo, for instance . the choice One-2-One option of laser engraving offers the advantage of having the ability to put images either at the surface or beneath the surface of the ID card and supports more detailed images also because the ability to make micro text lettering. The personalization of those One-2-One solutions is done by using available modules which will be attached to the HID FARGO® HDP8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder. The HDP8500LW laser writing module is employed for creating the unique personalization of the foil on Vango cards while the HDP8500LE laser engraver module is often wont to apply numerous sorts of laser engraving options onto cards made from polycarbonate or lacerable PVC materials.

As with other sorts of security, visual security solutions take time to develop and implement, so plan. Remember that visual security is that the first line of defines against threats to people, property, assets, information, and infrastructure. make certain to implement visual security as a part of a well-developed and managed multi-level security solution. And consider One-2-One card personalization solutions that are easy to validate and deliver increased counterfeit resistance.

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